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Phosboucraa and the Southern Regions


Phosboucraa is a subsidiary of OCP Group located in Morocco’s Southern Provinces (the “Region”). At Phosboucraa, OCP produces natural phosphate minerals—a crucial ingredient in fertilizer. We are proud of our achievements in Phosboucraa—a facility we manage according to the same international quality and sustainability standards as all other OCP mining and industrial facilities.

We emphasize sustainable operations and equal opportunity for employees, assuring that the benefits of our operations flow, in their entirety, to the wider local community. Phosboucraa—including its mining operations, products and commercial activities—meets and exceeds the highest Moroccan and international legal standards and industrial and commercial best practices. One hundred percent OCP-owned since 2002, the company’s recent investments in Phosboucraa’s operations and plant have contributed to greater efficiency, sustainability, and operational safety. We have made significant investments are in mining and treatment, a chemical complex, a new port, improvement to the conveyor line, and renovation of the electrical network.

Phosboucraa has a sizable phosphate mining capacityand we produce only what we can sell.

  • Phosboucraa has an installed mining capacity of 2.6 million tons per year, and the reserves represent roughly 1.6 percent of Morocco’s total proven phosphate reserves, estimated at 1.1 billion cubic meters.
  • At the current rate of extraction (between 2.5 and 3 million cubic meters/year), the reserves represent 300 years of mining.
  • We are increasing the lifespan of the mine and optimizing its beneficiation process by building a flotation unit.