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Currently, Rock Phosphate and Phosphoric acid are exported from our wharf at Laayoune, vital raw materials for the production of fertilizers and other food and industrial products around the world. In the future, we will expand our offer. As part of the industrial program, we are building a fertilizer complex capable of manufacturing 1 million tons of fertilizer per year.

Phosphate rock

The mining phosphate (also known as phosphate…

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Phosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid is the result of the reaction…

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Our new manufacturing plant will be able to…

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Made in Africa for Africa

The phosphate in Boucraa reserves is also highly suited to many African soils and crops, so represents a significant increase in Africa’s farming capacity. We have a mission to ensure that Africa is as self-reliant as possible for its fertilizer needs in order to support the growing agricultural demands for food production worldwide.

Africa traditionally exported most of its phosphate rock and then had to import its phosphate fertilizer needs. In 2012, 95% of African phosphate rock was exported, and 60% of phosphate fertilizer was imported.

Since 2017, at least 75% of African phosphate fertilizers have been produced locally thanks to Phosboucraa’s operations. With the increased capacity at our wharf and plant, we expect this number to increase even further over the next ten years.