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Global statement


The world is going through an unprecedented crisis. Caring for health and well-being is key for our Group. From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, our priority has been to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees, supplier partners and the communities in which we operate. The mobilization of our medical teams and the implementation of a large disease prevention system has enabled us to respond comprehensively to the exceptional health situation, acting with responsibility, solidarity and resilience.

Since the global pandemic outbreak, we have introduced new working practices and sanitary precautions to minimize the threat of infection. Our operating model has adapted to these challenging times by introducing new protocols to minimize the risk of infection for all our teams and stakeholders and transforming our working practices to ensure business continuity and promote flexibility at work.


Through our initiatives led by Act4Community, Al Moutmir, UM6P, 1337 and Youcode, solidarity actions are undertaken every day for the benefit of our communities, in support of the key sectors of health, education, agriculture and solidarity economy. These actions provide active support for the national effort to fight against Covid-19 and maintain the lasting bond that links our employees to the communities we serve with a daily total dedication.

At Phosboucraa, we are standing alongside OCP Group in the fight against the COVID-19. Our mobilization towards both our employees and all the components of our local ecosystem has been fueled by human development practices and programs that we have been carrying out, for years already, to promote socio-economic inclusion and the sustainability of the southern regions of Morocco. Today, more than ever, it draws its strength from the spirit of solidarity that our employees in Phosboucraa have shown spontaneously and voluntarily.


Thanks to them, to their commitment and their innovations, we have designed and deployed, in collaboration with the competent authorities, a set of support systems in different areas of crucial intervention in the current context, in particular in health, education and social care. By harnessing our collective goodwill and capacity for innovation, we will get through these challenging times; we will learn from them and move forward together, with more strength and wisdom than ever before.