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Our sustainable development vision is deeply rooted in our DNA and is an integral part of our raison d’être. Indeed, our mission of feeding the soil to feed the planet is inherently centered on people

Mostafa Terrab, OCP Group Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


As a subsidiary of OCP Group, Phosboucraa’s vision and business grows from the communities it works in. The company is dedicated to delivering the fertilizers farmers need to feed a growing global population, so we naturally think about people and the planet. Everything is circular.

Our operations are increasingly connected to the Southern Regions. Since Phosboucraa’s acquisition by OCP, local manpower has grown from 4% of our employees to 79% today. And that figure doesn’t include the many local employees who have gone on to work at OCP in Morocco or abroad.

Along this journey, we have stayed true to OCP’s commitment to reinvest all profits generated from Phosboucraa’s activities in the Southern Regions. We are immensely proud of the work done by the Phosboucraa Foundation and excited about its ambitious plans to stimulate even greater socio-economic benefits via the Technopole project.

All of this has to be sustainable. We have invested in clean power, non-traditional water sources and ultra-efficient operations. If we are helping to ensure food security for future generations, it makes total sense to look after our planet with the same focus.

“We are committed to becoming the most sustainable business we can be” Mostafa Terrab, OCP Chairman and CEO