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For our region and our country

The mobilization of Phosboucraa, its teams and its employees was spontaneous and natural. Through the various actions and initiatives undertaken in support of the efforts of local skills authorities, our employees once again express their commitment to the well-being of local communities. Their support is technical, material and logistical, but above all, human.

We are helping to strengthen the medical infrastructure in the region


In this pandemic period, we are supporting the efforts of local public health authorities and contributing to the strengthening of medical infrastructure and equipment at Laâyoune Hospital and the hospitals and care centers in the region. This medical support takes the form of the provision of modular isolation rooms (2 units delivered to Moulay Hassan ben Mehdi hospital), medical supplies (masks, bibs, coveralls, disinfectant gel, IR thermometer, etc.), transport equipment (service vehicles, ambulance) and medicines (Laâyoune penitentiary center). On the ground, we have launched medical initiatives to extend the field of intervention to the Laâyoune region, such as body temperature checks of support staff at Boucraâ and El Marsa, and the multidisciplinary operation carried out by the medical team of Act4Community Phosboucraa at the El Quds Youth Center for the benefit of quarantined sub-Saharan migrants.

We support the educational continuity plan


In the context of the current lockdown, our Group is collaborating with the Ministry of National Education and its Regional Academies to ensure the success of its educational continuity plan. In Phosboucraa, we are part of this dynamic and actively contribute to building the capacity of the education sector in Laâyoune and the region. We have therefore made available to teachers at the National Education Academy, our “Studio” facilities at the Learning Center in Laayoune for recording and producing distance learning courses and educational content in the form of videos and clips to feed the digital educational platforms TelmidTICE and TaalimTICE.

We care for the well-being of our local communities


Human development, sustainability and social and economic inclusion have always formed the basis of our action in the Regions of Southern Morocco.

Thanks to the Phosboucraa Foundation's fieldwork, and the civic engagement of our employees, we have always been motivated by a desire to serve our communities and contribute to their well-being.

Since the start of the current health crisis, our employees have taken spontaneous initiatives in collaboration with the public authorities to help local people.

Our medical team has increased awareness tours with local communities. We carried out disinfection operations out in Laâyoune and in the region, including villages and rural communities (Boucraa, El Marsa, Tarouma, Tah, Foum El Oued, Dchira, etc.), targeting in particular places of high traffic such as bus stations, markets, etc.

In terms of hygiene, and in collaboration with the competent authorities, field actions have taken place in rural communities in the region, some relating to cleaning, others to the distribution of cleaning products or pedal bins.

We work with our local partners


In Phosboucraa, many SMEs and VSEs are active within our local ecosystem. Partners, suppliers, subcontractors ... they are all an integral part of our value chain and an important pillar of our performance and continuous improvement processes. It is therefore essential to support their health and safety with the same sense of responsibility that leads us to care about the well-being of our own employees and their families.

At the start of the pandemic, we involved our local partners into the design of our prevention system, with particular attention paid to actions to raise awareness of good practices in health protection.

Since then, we have carried out several awareness campaigns among our service subcontractors, such as security guards and catering staff. Outside our facilities, awareness-raising actions have targeted a range of other companies directly in their workplaces.