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OCP Group's policy, Standards & Reports

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Over the next years, we commit to work tirelessly towards achieving our ambitions and thereby making a significant and profound difference in the development of our businesses, our communities and our planet.

This implies that future generations will be able to meet their own needs through support and engagement in economic, environmental and social performance, as well as to monitor and communicate our commitments in these areas.

Our commitment for the respect of the environment and our communities is growing and diversifying as the group expands.

We believe that by working together with our employees, customers, suppliers, community stakeholders and our ecosystem, we can make a positive contribution to creating a more sustainable world.

It is for all the above reasons that our policies and standards reflect our efforts and mission, which is to "feed the soil to feed the planet.”

To read our full policies, please access the following links:

Policies and standards :

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