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For and by our employees

In this pandemic period, all the efforts of our Phosboucraa site focus on preserving the well-being and safety of our employees and our partners. Our medical teams work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to raise awareness, intervene when necessary and ensure continuity of care and monitoring of sickness cover.

At the operational level, we have put in place a business continuity plan which supports the health of employees via flexibility at work, by providing them with all the tools, digital in particular, which guarantee them optimal working conditions that are both agile and secure.

Our medical teams work for the safety and health of employees


From the onset of signs of the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, the health and safety of our employees have been our top two priorities at Phosboucraa.

A monitoring and follow-up unit, made up of site doctors and nurses, is responsible for maintaining daily contact with our retirees and our employees who suffer from chronic diseases, to guarantee regular monitoring of their health and their medical treatment.

Aware of the importance of transparent communication and regular exchange concerning the health situation, our medical team has continuously informed Phosboucraa employees about the hygiene and health protection measures to adopt in order to protect themselves from the risks of infection, using all the communication tools available (mailing, video clips, etc.).

Operating 24/7, the medical team has strengthened its infrastructure and health facilities by acquiring drugs and essential supplies specially dedicated to Covid-19 (bibs, medical gloves, hydroalcoholic gel). They have also planned and supervised the various disinfection operations of the buildings and premises of each site, and rolled out temperature checks of all personnel and support staff at the entrances to and within each site.

Our medical team is also at the service of the continuity of Phosboucraa's activity in the current health context. In addition to the creation of a vehicle disinfection portal at the Wharf of Laâyoune, they have contributed to the deployment of a Wharf operating procedure that eliminates all direct contact between employees and ships’ crews.

In order to keep employees informed on a day-to-day basis of the evolution of the pandemic, and to adapt health protocols at work, they produce and distribute daily awareness videos. Their content is updated according to the messages to be communicated.

Our employees ensure business continuity in complete security and flexibility


Concerned about the well-being of our employees and their families, and like all of the Group's sites and entities in Morocco and around the world the business continuity plan (BCP) implemented in Phosboucraa has enabled the employees to have flexibiliy at work.

A teleworking system is available to all employees whose physical presence is not required on site. The flexibility offered by teleworking fully enables the Phosboucraa site to comply with the recommendations for confinement and social distancing necessary to combat the spread of Covid-19. It benefits from the integration, in recent years, of digital tools into the daily practices of our employees, and offers them, in this exceptional period of lockdown, flexibility and agility to manage their daily missions and reconcile work and family.


Continuity of medical services is assured via the "Allo Médical" operation, which provides each teleworking employee with all the information necessary in terms of medical coverage and support. In terms of workplace safety, we have chosen to reduce the workforce present in production facilities to the absolute minimum.

We have put in place a large-scale prevention and hygiene operation to provide employees with healthy working conditions that comply with world standards, ranging from dedicated sanitary equipment to the development of containment rooms for critical production activities, without forgetting the installation of a disinfection portal at the entrance to the Boucraâ mine.

Our employees work for common well-being


Faced with the evolution of the pandemic, our Phosboucraa employees mobilized, very early, spontaneously, voluntarily and altruistically, expressing in different ways, their desire to be united, to help and support the others, thus exemplifying company values.

Whether they are part of the Act4Community program, or whether they emanate from personal initiatives, whether they relate to technological or to social innovations, their actions are Phosboucraa's best response to the need for citizen mobilization.

Every day, our employees design and share with their colleagues and their families, our partners and subcontractors, our local communities and our local ecosystem, internally and on social networks, videos and awareness programs to anchor good practices for health prevention.


Our employees also compete in ingenuity to create new health equipment, which they then put to the benefit of our medical teams and health centers in the region. This spirit of solidarity led our teams at Phosboucraa to design, for example, an adaptator, Y-shaped connector, which enables the connection of two breathing devices to a single respiratory device. This significantly increased the breathing system capacities of the resuscitation services of hospitals in the region, in particular by equipping the Laâyoune military hospital with 30 units of this connector.

Another creation: an Act4Community volunteer took the initiative to make a reusable facial protection mask with a 3D printer, with the aim of equipping nursing staff with a durable piece of personal protective equipment.